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Re: Bug#283578: ITP: hot-babe -- erotic graphical system activitymonitor

On Mon, 6 Dec 2004 10:32:14 +0000, Will Newton <will@misconception.org.uk> said: 

> On Monday 06 Dec 2004 10:01, Andrew Suffield wrote:
>> The difference being that editing is a choice made by the person
>> doing the work, while censorship is a choice made by an otherwise
>> unrelated person in the same organisation.
>> Editing would be if the maintainer decided to remove the
>> package. Censorship is when some other developer tries to force
>> him.

> I don't think this holds. Censoring is editing for ideological
> reasons, which is a subset of editing. It has nothing to do with who
> does it. A censor is a third party, and editor is a third party, at
> least in literary terms.

	Is removing legal material to protect the viewer from material
 that is deemed ideologically inappropriate by some considered "
 editing for ideological reasons"?

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