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Duelling banjos or how a sane community goes crazy

Hi fellow developers,

I failed in ending this thread when I posted


instead I caused two trolls making even more noise.

I hope all you people are aware that you are causing a new duelling banjo
case and helping out Google to connect Debian with hot-babes.

This stupid thread made its way even in a German Linux news feed ...


even if you do not understand German: I would love if Debian would
become famous for releasing Sarge instead of discussing about

I have not read the contents of most of all these mail but even
Godwin's law was issued.

My great plea to all you people who are not able to stop their temper
to discuss all their feelings here:
  1. Please double check whether your topic is really relevant for
  2. If you feel obliged to continue to a thread which might Debian
     connect to porn sites for Google or any other search machine
     just fix an RC bug first and then send your mail.
  3. Go to debian-curiosity with mails which do not belong to debian-devel.

Kind regards


PS: I just cleared my very fast /dev/null device for responses to this
    mail of my own.  The sense was to reduce SPAM mails to this list and
    not to produce even more - just in case people did not understand
    my broken English.


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