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Bug #277824; is the hotkeys maintainer dead?

Where is Anthony Wong?

05 Feb 2003
steven.robbins@videotron.ca posts bug #179927
which says that hotkeys can't build because it depends on libxosd

22 Feb 2003
daniel@desages.com resolves that bug by making hotkeys depend on the
new version of that library

What they perhaps didn't know was that libxosd2 has different
invocation procedures than libxosd.  As of almost two years ago, the
hotkeys package has been missing an important feature.  The maintainer
is nowhere to be found.

22 Oct 2004 - 44 days ago
I posted bug #277824, with a patch to restore this feature.  I have
yet to get a response.

debian-developers, now I turn to you.  Where is Anthony Wong, and how
can I get this feature-restoring patch in the hotkeys package?

Thomas Folz-Donahue

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