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Re: charsets in debian/control

[Peter Samuelson]
> I suggest that the affected source packages[3] be run through the
> command 'iconv -f ORIGINAL_CHARSET -t utf-8' as soon as convenient.

No, as you noticed this list is short and can be processed in a more
elegant manner, e.g. sympa description uses a no-break space where a
normal space would suffice, so telling maintainer to convert to UTF-8
is not a good idea.
I filed several bugreports months ago for packages having non-ASCII
characters in their description, 3 are closed (#245592, #245594, #245596)
and 2 are still open: itcl3 (#242690) and krb4 (#242694).
IMO such bugreports are better than mass bug filing because the 3 closed
bugreports did not switch to UTF-8 but converted to ASCII instead.  This
requires a manual processing because instructions are not identical for
all bugreports.


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