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Re: charsets in debian/control

[Peter Samuelson]
> We seem to be moving to a de facto standard of UTF-8 for non-ASCII
> characters in debian/control files.  This is not specified in Policy
> [1], but for hopefully obvious reasons, consistency is a Good Thing,
> and UTF-8 seems to be the best solution for this sort of thing.

Some will argue that only ASCII is acceptable in debian/control files.
I am not one of these.

I agree that we should standardise on UTF-8 for both the changelog and
the control file (and the copyright file, for the upstream author and
package author names).  We need to be able to correctly represent the
names of people, and it can not be done using ASCII only.

Good to see that most packages already uses UTF-8.  I hope the
packages using other charsets can be converted to UTF-8 as soon as

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