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Re: Bug#283578: ITP: hot-babe -- erotic graphical system activity monitor

On Sat, Dec 04, 2004 at 05:49:28AM -0600, Ron Johnson wrote:

> > I also suggested using DebTags as the categorizing mechanism for
> > that.
> Maybe the 2 could be used in concert?

Uhm... I would like to keep subjective tags outside of the central
debtags repository, delegating such categorization to Custom Debian
Distributionss, who have better knowledge of their target.

> Can jigdo be told, "grab everything except packages that have
> a certain tag?

Not afaik, but it's easy to do.  Some examples:

  debtags grep "culture::italian" | cut -d: -f1

lists the names of all packages that provide italian-specific things.

  debtags grep "!culture::* || culture::italian" | cut -d: -f1

lists the names of all packages except the ones which provide
language-specific support NOT for italians.

  debtags grep "admin::backup && ! implemented-in::perl"

can make someone from a previous thread happy.

  debtags tagsearch <substring>

searches the tag vocabulary.

As you can see, using debtags to get package lists is easy, and
integrating its results in jigdo shoudln't be too hard.

If you do report a wishlist bug to jigdo, please X-Debbugs-Cc me so that
I can offer help (I prefer not to report the bug myself because I have
never used jigdo).



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