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Re: Bug#283578: ITP: hot-babe -- erotic graphical system activitymonitor

Am 2004-12-02 02:44:58, schrieb Andrew M.A. Cater:

> I stand by this one :) If you look at the history books: Frederick
> Barbarossa had a multi-cultural court in Sicily with Christian, Islamic 
> and Jewish scholars around. Arabic Spain had no particular problem with 
> Jews or Christians. 
> The Koran suggests some degree of religious tolerance for "peoples of the 
> Book" as I understand it.  The Bible text is therefore probably relatively 
> unproblematic: apostasy from Islam, however, is a serious offence and any 
> perceived attempt at conversion may be poorly viewed. 

Thanks :-)

> Look at the history of the sack of Jerusalem in 1099 from the
> chronicles of the Second Crusade - people boasting of wading in blood -
> and you'll see that at least some of the anti-Christian/Crusader hatred
> was well founded in fact at the time.


> Apropos the situation currently in force in various countries round the
> world and each countries national restrictions: it is appropriate for
> citizens and non-citizens to obey the law of the country they are in.

And if I think, that I can not visit the USA because I am a
Moudjahidine... I am awaiting prison... nice country the USA.

Some of my friends are missing sinc 9/11 and they are Iranien.
FBI, CIA and Homeland Security has done a good job to recrute
new terrorists...

Then distributing of porn journals in Iran to destabilize the

> If you are in Iran/Saudi Arabia/Myanmar/<any other country> you should
> behave with respect and live appropriately by that country's laws as far
> as this is possible.  The Debian Project can't legislate for <random
> country>: if, as Michelle Konzac says, nudity and pornography is viewed
> very severely in Iran - that is a matter for the Iranians using Debian
> in Iran.  If that means producing a partial mirror / remastering CD's to 
> meet local conditions and disseminating Debian in accordance with local
> laws and customs, so much the better. That's a matter for local Debian
> users to manage and they are best placed to advise.  

But this can only be managed form outside Iran... not IN iran.

And this is what I do curently, but too much work for me alone...
...and I was not able to create my own Jigdo-Templates.

Note:   Curently I am in Strasbourg but planing to migrate
        next year to Morocco and my "New" family :-)

> If <random package> can't be sent to Iran/<random country> the Debian 
> maintainer should perhaps place an entry in the package description 
> explaining why. The GPG entry has something of this sort in it, explaining 
> that mere possession of cryptography may be illegal in some countries.


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