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Re: Bug#283578: ITP: hot-babe -- erotic graphical system activity monitor

El d�01/12/2004 a 06:28 Steve McIntyre escribio ...

> Rather than argue about morality, legality, whatever, shouldn't we be
> considering this in other terms - simple usefulness? Instead of asking
> "why shouldn't this go into Debian?", ask "why _should_ this go into
> Debian?".

I completely agree on this, what is the reason/usefulness to have a cpu
monitoring program which "main feature" is to show a naked woman (or
man)? Since there are other programs which do the same? does it improves
the distribution, user-friendlyness, encourages people to install
Debian instead other distros? or ... helps to have Sarge released?

> We seem to have a growing and worrying trend to pick up any random
> free software and add it to the distribution without considering
> whether it's actually useful or not...

I do also agree on this and with previous post about a sort of
guidelines to determine what are the means to pick a piece of software
and put it into the archives (ain't talking about ban-this-and-that DG)



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