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Re: Bug#283578: ITP: hot-babe -- erotic graphical system activity monitor

Good evening Thibaut,

Am 2004-12-01 18:15:48, schrieb Thibaut VARENE:

> On Wed, 1 Dec 2004 17:34:34 +0100
> Michelle Konzack <linux4michelle@freenet.de> wrote:

> > Sorry, but in some countries there is pornography
> > and nudity illegal. Like arabian and persian countries. 
> This is neither nudity nor pornography, this is a cartoon picture.

I know, but cartoons ar faling into the same category.

> Then don't install it.

I do not need to install it...
If someon know I have the CD... I will HAVE  problems.

> What you are doing here has a name: it is "spreading FUD". No one is going
> to get killed because of that software, what you are saying here is very
> dangerous and rude.

There was a 15 years old Boy for two or three years in Iran and he
was hanged-up because he was searchin for a program, downloaded it
and it was containing a Dialer which had downloaded Erotic pics...

On 26.7.2004 there was a 16 years girls hanged-up because she was
violated and the man had told the justice, she was his girlfriend. 

Minimal punishment for him and death for her.

I was already on time 17 and another time 3 month in prison...
...for nothing ! I do not like to continue this in Iran.

> If you are not confident enough with your english level, i suggest you
> check your wording in a dictionary. This program can _at most_ be
> qualified as being "erotic", certainly not "pornographic".

Do you think, the Aiatholla make a difference between ?

> There have been threads and flames in the past about various programs
> being part of Debian (such as dopewar) and they have proven to be moot
> points most of the time. What goes in Debian is decided according to the
> Debian Policy, and the DFSG.

This is a technical and licence issue...

> This program is fully DFSG-compliant. As for the "local law policy",
> unless i'm very wrong, Debian already provides software which is "illegal"
> in some countries (such as cryptographic software). This has never been a
> problem, hopefully, otherwise Debian lawyers would have a very hard time
> checking all countries (that's a few hundreds, iirc) local laws, and we
> would end with not much being in the Debian archive.

Cryptographical Software is one thing erotic/pronography another.

> The Debian archive provides a set of packages, a collection of open source
> software that you can find on the Internet anyway. You are supposed to
> pick up in that collection whatever you want/need. Nothing forces you to
> install something you don't want/dislike, you are supposed to act like a
> grown up, after all.

Right, if the upstream of "hot-babe" create a private repository
or find some others to create a collection in a seperatly
debian-repository, it would be the best.

Distributing of erotic as real or cartoon in Debian can make problems.

> Please don't mix your own opinions with a more general debate. You are
> free to dislike that piece of software, but you cannot spread FUD to
> illustrate your ideas.

You was never in a persian (Iran, Tadshikistan, Afghanistan) or
arabian country... So you do not know whhats going on there.

You do not know the risk.


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