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Re: bad archive handling (was: Re: GNOME 2.8 on ia64 completely hosed?)


Sven Luther:

> No the real solution to this is to have the archive software accept
> multiple copies of a same package, and not remove the older arch:all
> packages when there are still arch:any package from the same source
> package in the archive.

But the original problem (from debian-gtk-gnome) wasn't that the archive
deletes the older versions (it doesn't), but that the client-side
program wants the *newest* versions of packages.

gnome-applets-data_2.8.1.1-3_all.deb was in the archive when
gnome-applets_2.8.1.1-3_ia64.deb was the newest gnome-applets
for ia64, but gnome-applets-data_2.8.1.1-4_all.deb was there *already*,
and so apt didn't want to get the older, -3 gnome-applets-data.

gnome-applets and gnome-applets-data must be the same version, but
from the ia64's point of view the newest gnome-applets was -3 and
the newest gnome-applets-data was -4. It's apt who should have requested
gnome-applets-data -3 istead of breaking. Archive was ok all the time.

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