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Re: bad archive handling (was: Re: GNOME 2.8 on ia64 completely hosed?)

* Martin-Éric Racine (q-funk@iki.fi) [041130 11:25]:
> That is a flaw in the way the archive is handled.  Instead of accepting sources
> _only_ and starting the build for all architectures simultaneously, the archive
> immediately installs whichever architecture was used for the developer's build,
> which puts all other architectures behind, until someone got around signing and
> installing the build for each architecture manually and that sometimes can take
> days, on less popular architectures with fewer Build Masters monitoring the job.
> In other words, the current way of uploading things ain't working. Let's fix it.

The problem is a bit different: E.g. gnome consists of arch-all and
arch-any packages. Currently, as soon as the arch-all package is
uploaded, it is installed for all architectures. The solution would be
to install it only for the architectures where also an arch-any package
has been installed - and you need to get wise if the package has only
arch-all packages or not.

(However, it has mostly been solved now, as package are built from
incoming, so if the upload does not happen to near to cron.daily time,
it mostly works.)

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