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Re: New method for Packages/Sources file updates

On Thu, 25 Nov 2004, Goswin von Brederlow wrote:

> Updating the Packages file then consists of 3 steps:
> A) download all new entries for the Packages file
>    Since the Packages file are sorted by date the client just downloads
>    the file until it hits an entry it already has in the existing
>    file. At that point the client can stop downloading and prepend it
>    to the old file. Note that the client can download the gziped file
>    and gunzip it on the fly.
>    This already gives a fully functional Packages file but now there
>    are some obsolete entries (which doesn't realy harm anyone).
> B) remove entries that have been superseeded by newer versions
>    The package names in a Packages file are uniq [excluding
>    snapshots.debian.net here]. The client can remove all but the
>    highest version of each package to remove most obsolete entries.
>    This gives nearly the right Packages file but there are still
>    entries left that have been removed completly.
> C) download the list of removed packages (again only until you hit one
>    you already have in the old removals file)
>    For any new entry in the removals file remove the respective entry
>    from the Packages file. (If a package is readded later it will be
>    added again in step A and not removed here since it isn't new. The
>    package has to be removed from the removals file on the server but
>    not neccessarily on the client.)
>    Now we should have a Packages file identical with the one on the
>    server. If not something went horribly wrong.

Packages files can continue multiple entries for a package.  With different
versions.  Maybe even with different files(not certain about this latter).

You can't use just the pkgname as the primary key.

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