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Re: Finding an improved release process.

alexeijh@westnet.com.au wrote:
> How can we find an improved release process?
> Plenty of people have made various suggestion on this list. We get threads 
> with hundreds of messages, with debate being more rational in some places 
> than others. This may not be the most optimal approach.
> Here's one idea for doing this. Obviously this would just be a starting point 
> and may not be the best approach.
> I'd like to suggest perhaps we set up a web site of proposals for improving 
> the release process. The proposals would be more thought out and written much 
> more carefully than just a braindump to debian-devel. Perhaps a good idea 
> would be to have such things co-authored with like-minded individuals.
> Perhaps it could have sections with pros & cons of various strategies

Perhaps a wiki is a good fit for this. Just go to
http://wiki.debian.net/index.cgi?ReleaseProposals and add links to new
pages or update existing ones. I've added breif descriptions of some of
the more common ideas, and a new idea of my own that I've been mulling
over for the past few months. The wiki could be used to summarize
discussion on this list too.

see shy jo

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