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getting quik into sarge?


i'm the current maintainer of quik, the oldworld PPC bootloader. i'm
currently sponsored by Jakko Niemi. there have been many code changes
made to it, including fixing bug #259359. for instance, initrd support,
using chosen/bootargs in OF, and a couple of other things.

since it's in Section: base, and Priority: important, and there are many
positive changes to it, i thought it should go into
sarge-proposed-updates. is there any objection to this? 

BTW, many thanks to go Peter 'p2' De Schrijver for his tremendous help in
making it even possible to close that bug, as it was a pretty hefty bug.

i was also thinking of bumping up the version on it, since debian (i.e.,
currently me) seems to be the upstream - or close to it - on this

Eric Côté

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