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Re: Proposal: su-to-root should be replaced with a system managed by alternatives.

Op wo, 24-11-2004 te 16:55 +0300, schreef Nikita V. Youshchenko:
> > > Script in /etc/cron.daily will hardly use sudo to run a command as
> > > non-root user. It will use su.
> > > You will hardly use su to give your user ability to run particular
> > > command as root. You will use sudo.
> >
> > We are talking about completely different things here.
> >
> > The request was about the su-to-root thing
> I can'r imaine any situation when there is any rationale to have a system 
> policy on which tool is used to execute command as root.

I can't imagine any situation when there is no rationale to have a
system policy on what /users/ should use to execute commands as root. If
there wouldn't be such a policy, I wouldn't want to be responsible for
the system.

Note, I'm not talking about what cron et al should do -- only what users
should do.

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