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Re: deselect survey

philipc@copyleft.co.nz (Philip Charles) writes:
> When the going gets tough nothing beats dselect.  Aptitude can't cut the
> mustard.
I beg to differ: Both dselect and aptitude are only frontends to 
dpkg/apt-get and are both not needed for package administration.

When the going gets really tough then there's actually only dpkg and
apt-get.  Neither dselect nor aptitude or whatever frontend to dpkg there
might be can replace the original.

I've only used dpkg and apt-get in the past years and see no need for aany
frontend. I've never bothered about learning how to use yet another 
frontend since apt-get usage definitely already is a no-brainer. That's why
it strikes me as being so silly that dselect still can't be uninstalled
after all these years... :-/

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