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Do you know a Telco Maintenance Expert?

Dear Business Professional,
You were referred to me by an Online Listing and I am contacting you in regard to a well-paid part-time consulting opportunity to serve as an "Expert Witness".
On behalf of my client, I am looking for Technology Experts in the area of "outside plant telecommunications", with respect to aerial or buried cable comprising copper wire, coax or fiber optics, that are interested in serving as an "Expert Witnesses" for a prestigious litigation case to possibly set precedence for the industry. The scope of this project will require the ability to work on this case for up to 100 hours over the course of the next 3 - 4 weeks. Here are the details...
·	Demonstrated at least 10-15 years of successful experience in the outside plant telecommunications industry (or 	related)
. 	Electrical Engineer and/or Telephone/Cable Technician who has worked with repair methods for cut cables made of copper 	wire, coax or fiber optic materials
·	Knowledge of standard repair practices, tools used, timelines, etc.
.	Ph.d. a plus but not a must
·	Testifying experience in a patent case 
·	Excellent communications skills for written, verbal, and one-on-one persuasion
The goal is to consult our client as an equal partner and evaluate the case as an expert witness. The candidates will possibly meet executive teams of well know companies, partners of law firms and other interesting people beneficial to further advancing his career. The candidate may be located anywhere in the US to fulfill this consulting agreement.
Please provide quantified examples of your success, references, and your relevant experience matching the above requirements ASAP. The project start date would be immediately after selection of the consultant. 
If you know other experts that might also be interested in this consulting opportunity, feel free to forward this announcement, and let your friends know about it.  The selection process of consultants to be interviewed will be based on the responses you provide with your reply email. The start date for the interviews will follow immediately after selection of the most appropriate consultants.
We are on an urgent timeline and honor a quick response to this message. The Start date of the project is within a few days from now.
Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you.

Jorg Huser 
CEO / Founder
Micro Survivor, Inc.
Phone +1-408-690-2464
Fax   +1-408-516-9814
Email jorg@microsurvivor.com
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