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Re: Select which conffiles shall be raplaced an which not

On Tuesday 16 November 2004 13:29, Free Ekanayaka wrote:
> When running apt-get dist-upgrade I'd like to be able to set a list of
> packages whose  confiles   shall be  replaced  by   the newer versions
> supplied  by the  package  (if any)  , while  other packages' confiles
> should be keep the locally modified version.

It might be not too good idea. For example I often use the possibility to see 
the differences between my configuration and the new one and then decide 
which one I want to use.

However, it might be useful to add the following features to dpkg:

1. When apt-ing more than one package group the conffiles question together 
(probably at the end) the way it is done with debconf questions. When doing 
apt-get upgrade I want to be able to leave and know that everything what can 
be done automatically is done. Now the instalation of the other packages is 
hold until I decide what to do with conffiles.

2. The three-way merge. It should be possible to keep the copy of original 
configuration file (maybe in *.dpkg-orig or somewhere in /var) and then give 
to the user the possibility to try 3way merge a to add new features to 
configuration file and keep custom changes (of course dpkg should check if 
this is possible without confilcts and always present the resulting file to 
the user who would decide if it cam ok).

3. When looking at the diffs between maintainer version and my own one it 
would be nice to select some part of the file from one of them and another 
form the other. It will be useful if I have the custom changes in section Foo 
and the maintainer added a new section Bar.


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