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Nagios Packages


A while ago the old Nagios Maintainer filed an O: for nagios. A group of
people, including myself, started an Alioth-Project for it and did some
work with the packaging.
Now we are at a point where we can consider an upload into the archive,
but I think it would be good to have some extra tests of the packages
before doing this, because we did some big changes to the package.

Im already running this version at work, so it works at least for me.

If you have nagios and/or a few minutes time to test it^W^Wkill your
system: http://ganneff.de/nagios
There you can find the source and AMD64 as well as I386 versions of the
There are two or three small cosmetic things in the package I want to
fix and then I upload a version of it to experimental. But tests now can
only help, thanks.

bye Joerg
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