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Modutils and sysklogd experimental packages available

Well, there seems to be a lot of DD asking others to test experimental 
packages out there, so I just might as well do the same. I recently tried 
to do some QA with some base packages that have an outstanding list of open 
bugs (some of which are quite easy to fix, others which are not that easy 
to). Since base packages are not something I would like to have sid users 
test so near the release, I just figured I would make them available as 
'experimental' packages and try to have some feedback on them.

So, if you want to test a new bugfix related modutils release, please try 
out the modutil packages available at:

If you want to test a new release for sysklogd fixing bugs and introducing 
new features, please try out the sysklogd packages available at:
(these are not in experimental since the maintainer has not yet approven a 

I would really appreciate if other developers could see if those packages 
fix some of the bugs (please see the changelog) in the packages that might 
annoy them and send information to the BTS (or to myself) saying: "The 
patch available in XXXX fixes this issue for me".

I have done limited testing of these packages but I would like broader 
testing in order to decide wether pushing these packages post-sarge would 
be a good thing to do.



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