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Re: mozilla-firefox-locale package with all language translations

El Jueves 11 Noviembre 2004 07:50, Mike Hommey escribió:
> You're not lucky, with the 1.0 package that just got uploaded to
> unstable, your package is useless, 'cause support for
> /var/lib/mozilla-firefox/chrome.d has been dropped.

Ok, no problem, I've uploaded a new package, updated for firefox 1.0 and that 
uses the new method:

> Anyways, I'd suggest to make a multi-binary package so that it produces
> several mozilla-firefox-locale-* packages.

I think is a good idea, I'll try to split it next week.

> As for how to make the thing work with new firefox package, I'm working
> on an HTML version of what I sent to extensions packages maintainers 2
> days ago about the new scheme. I'll send the URL here when it's done.
> In the meanwhile, you can still guess what's going on by taking a look
> at extensions and locales available in
> http://glandium.org/debian/unstable/.

> Mike

Thanks a lot for the detailed explanation.

Now, I'd like to know what the current maintainers of mozilla-firefox-locale-* 
packages think about this package.
Do you prefer maintain your current package or do you think this new package 
is the way to go?



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