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Documentation for upstream software authors


I've just started http://wiki.debian.net/SoftwarePackaging, intended to 
collect thoughts of packagers how upstream developers can make the life of 
a packager easier.

I'm sure all packagers have wondered about "brain-dead" upstream developers 
who have not put much thought into how their software might be distributed 
in a pre-compiled/pre-configured package.  Compile-time options are one 
example, user-modifiable files outside of /etc are another, to name the two 
that I could think of just now.

The idea is not to duplicate the Debian policy, but to give upstream 
developers an idea how their software can be written to be easily packaged.  
I envision this document being generic to all Linux and Unix software 
packaging methods and not specific to Debian, despite it being on the 
Debian Wiki. (Maybe some BSD or Gentoo ports maintainer are listening here, 

If there already is such a Document, please tell me and/or wipe that page.  
No need to duplicate such information, of course.

-- vbi

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