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Re: a 'main' package from a non-free source

* Jon Dowland 

| So, any potential package for main would need to be split so that the
| resources which weren't considered DFSG free wouldn't be packaged up
| with the engine. (or the lot could probably be bundled in non-free.
| Actually, I wouldn't assert that quite yet, I'd not be suprised if one
| of media licences was too strict for non-free).
| The trouble is, the source package has the lot of them in it. So, I'd
| have to split the source package too.
| Are there any other packages where the source package is not 'pristine'
| but split in this fashion that I can look at?

Just use a non-pristine source package for the pieces going into main;
this is what we're doing for xfree86.  As you note, it might be not
everything would be able to go into non-free even, so you might need
to remove pieces of that package as well.

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