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a 'main' package from a non-free source

Hi All,

I was considering packaging 'Cube' (http://www.cubeengine.com/) in order
to get to grips with debian package management; and then possibly find a

However, there appears to be a latent licencing problem.

The engine code is distributed under a licence which I believe is free
(zlib/libpng); but various game media are licenced differently:

        Game media included in the cube game (maps, textures, sounds,
        models etc.) are not covered by this license, and may have individual
        copyrights and distribution restrictions (see individual readmes).

So, any potential package for main would need to be split so that the
resources which weren't considered DFSG free wouldn't be packaged up
with the engine. (or the lot could probably be bundled in non-free.
Actually, I wouldn't assert that quite yet, I'd not be suprised if one
of media licences was too strict for non-free).

The trouble is, the source package has the lot of them in it. So, I'd
have to split the source package too.

Are there any other packages where the source package is not 'pristine'
but split in this fashion that I can look at?


Jon Dowland

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