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Re: mozilla-*-locale-* packages?

I think, that this would not be too hard to implement. On the other
hand, there would still be problems that some translations might not be
ready if mozilla* packages become ready to go in. IMHO, doing so looks like
a trick to declare translations not to be release critical and in fact
inferior to normal packages.

IHMO, that is not very easy to do that for, at least, mozilla and thunderbird (but that could change in the future). The .xpi packages differ a lot from one language to an other, some .xpi are not available, you have to use a CVS (for example for the French translation of thunderbird).

Of course one would need to modify the upstream origs, but I think this would be ok if it resolves our problems. Nevertheless, let's wait and see what upstream is doing. I guess at least for thunderbird the locale development model will change as soon as the firefox way of handling locales is mature and proved to be efficient.

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