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DpartialMirror (was Re: [ANNOUNCE] debian-multimirror)

> On Wed, 29 Sep 2004, Pedro Larroy wrote:
> As a long standing debmirror user and with the knowledge that there is a
> debpartial-mirror project which is very actively developed I just wonder
> if people have to much spare time to invent one wheel after an other.
Sorry for the late reply but in case you mean with deppartial-mirror
project my "DpartialMirror" project, I've to say that I set its state to
mature. While I still use it daily I don't actively develop it further
since as long as Debian doesn't use gzip --rsyncable, it doesn't make
much sense. Without it the gain just a few percents.

See "http://dpartialmirror.sourceforge.net/";.

O. Wyss

See a huge pile of work at "http://wyodesktop.sourceforge.net/";

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