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SourceForge.net PR-Web Upgrade Notice.

i'm forwarding this to debian devel for people's attention because
it would appear that debian has lost a quite large opportunity -
by not having selinux available.


----- Forwarded message from "SourceForge.net Team" <noreply@sourceforge.net> -----

You are receiving this email because you are an Admin of a project
on SourceForge.net.   (Note: These update emails are very low 
volume, approximately twice a year).

The SourceForge.net team is pleased to announce the long-awaited
upgrade to our project web service.  SourceForge.net staff are


This upgrade consists of a significant hardware upgrade and
Operating System upgrade.  Due to the large upgrades involved here,
it may be necessary to upgrade your scripts.

Old configuration:

  Debian Potato
  Linux kernel 2.4.x
  GNU libc 2.2.1
  Apache 1.3.26
  Perl 5.005_03
  PHP 4.1.2
  Python 1.5.2
  Tcl 8.0

New configuration:

  Fedora Linux: Fedora Core 2
  Linux kernel 2.6.x
  GNU libc 2.3.3
  Apache 2.0.51
  Perl 5.8.3
  PHP 4.3.8
  Python 2.3.3
  Tcl 8.4.5

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