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Re: Drop testing

On Sun, Oct 24, 2004 at 05:51:47PM +0200, Eduard Bloch wrote:
> #include <hallo.h>
> * Joey Hess [Sat, Oct 23 2004, 08:36:18PM]:
> > > not look appear as critical for maintainer, or not important enough to touch
> > > package in the holy "frozzen" state). Such bugs are a disaster, they make
> > > our definition of a Stable release absurd. Yes, Debian Stable has become a
> > > buggy stable release. Just face it.
> > 
> > AIUI, you propose to freeze unstable and go back to the old method of
> > having updates during the freeze be manually put in at the discretion of
> > the Release Managers. If we did that, how would one of these "ugly bugs"
> > be any more likely to be fixed in frozen unstable than it is in today's
> a) The release time would be shorter

That remains to be seen.

> b) It would be up to humans (and not some obscure scripts) to decide
> whether the bugs deseves a fix or not

That is the case now, too. If the release managers deem it appropriate,
they can always override the testing scripts. However, the scripts
(which are far from obscure -- perhaps they are from your POV, but that
is not the same thing) generally do 'the right thing' by themselves,
which results in a massive reduction of manual work. That is a good

> Yes, some manpower would be required for this process.

Uh, I think that is a grave understatement.

> But fellow maintainers could be involved into process of evulation of
> the quality of a proposed upgrade.

That is the case now, too. You should try and have a look at
debian-release@lists.debian.org once.

> > currently frozen in testing, the situation is exactly what it is now;
> > the maintainer and RM have to decide whether putting this fix into
> > testing (or frozen) and possibly introducing new, more important bugs is
> > warrented by the ugliness of the bug. If the package is one of the large
> > majority of packages that are _not_ currently frozen in testing, then it
> "not currently"? In my solution, the whole Sid archive would be frozen.


Even if dropping testing would be a good thing, then I still don't
believe it's a good idea to freeze the whole distribution in one go.
Freeze the base system first, freeze the rest when the base system is
good to go.

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