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Re: Security updates for sarge?

[Jan Niehusmann]
> Question to the security team: What's holding back security support
> for sarge? (This is not a complaint - I'm just curious)

Debian-edu is trying to form a separate security team for
debian/testing, working on keeping the testing distribution secure in
paralell with the debian/stable security team.  The blocking feature
here is lack of people capable and willing to contribute.

The idea is to make it safe to use testing and get more people using
testing that way, and to make sure testing is closer to a releasable
state when it is frozen and renamed to debian/stable.

Interested people can join #debian-edu or contact me, Joey Hess
<joeyh@debian.org> and Finn-Arne Johansen <faj@bzz.no> by email.

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