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discover and hotplug must be able to co-exists (was Re: discover or alsa?)


for as much as I loved the religion war of people-liking-discover against p-l-hotplug, (and then of p-l-udev vs p-l-devf vs p-l-/dev ), I think nobody stated the most important point: discover and hotplug must be able to co-exists.
The reason is in the dependencies: indeed
    xserver-xfree86 Suggests: discover
(and indeed they were mantained by B.Robinson) whereas
  gnome-volume-manager Depends: udev , udev Depends: hotplug
so, on a typical install of Debian, it is quite possible that discover and hotplug are installed at the same time.

AFAIK, discover is needed by xserver-xfree86 only to detect and configure the server - but this is a very important functionality for the average user, and I would not neglect its usefulness.

Unless someone may go and rewrite xserver-xfree86 to suggest 'hotplug | discover', and use any of the two. (hotplug has a much wider list of rdependencies than discover, so it may be installed nonetheless).
(Ops I am becoming religious myself!)


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