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Re: discover or alsa?

Jeremy Nickurak wrote:
> For what it's worth, hotplug recently had a similar issue on a test
> install for me: it actually loaded both OSS and ALSA drivers for my
> soundcard.

First make sure that you don't have either discover1 or discover installed.

Are the modules loaded by hotplug listed in your
/etc/hotplug/blacklist.d/alsa-base file?  If so then please file a bug
report against hotplug.  If not then please file a bug report against
alsa-base.  In either case, please provide the name of the module and
all other information that seems relevant.

sean finney wrote:
> likewise for me.  i've found that after a fresh debian install, one
> of the first things i have to do is add a bunch of modules to hotplug's
> blacklist.

If these are OSS modules, please file a bug report against alsa-base
letting us know which additional module names need to be added to
our blacklist files /etc/hotplug/blacklist.d/alsa-base and

Thomas Hood

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