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problem to import images inkscape

Hello guys!

I've been problems with the Inkscape 0.39 version,
since I upgrade it I can't insert any image     
format like: gif, jpg, svg, etc... the Inkscape
"crash" and the msg bellow appear.

Emergency save document locations:
  /root/.inkscape/Novo desenho 1.2004_10_19_08_06_24.0
  Emergency save completed. Inkscape will close now.
  If you can reproduce this crash, please file a bug
at www.inkscape.org
  with a detailed description of the steps leading to
the crash, so we can fix it.
  Segmentation fault

The statusbar show me the frase: "image with invalid

I tried to install another releases and use the source
too, nothing works.

I'm using the Debian Sid with Gnome 2.6.1

Thanks a lot.

Wilson do Valle Jr

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