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Kernel 2.6.x real time clock hang on Dell


I'm bitten by a problem, that is already known to some people, but
for which I found no solution.  On a Dell server, the 2.6.7 kernel
(kernel-image-2.6.7-1-686-smp) hangs during boot at the real time
clock.  It seems, this problem is only known to Debian users :-(

Is there a solution or a workaround?

"I have problem on a Dell Precision 670.  I have installed the
kernel 2.6.8 using the debian Sarge net installation.  The boot
hangs after loading the driver for the Real Time Clock."

"...always hang on the "Real Time Clock Driver".  I figured it a
bug in the 2.6 kernel..."

Thanks in advance!

Cheers, WB

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