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Re: Xsession doesn't use umask setting from /etc/login.defs

On Sat, Oct 16, 2004 at 01:28:31PM +0200, Tomas Fasth wrote:
> However, umask is not an ordinary software configuration property,
> it's a process property initially inherited from init which, by the
> way, set it to 022 (I just checked the source of sysvinit in unstable).

Yes, we know that.

> What I don't understand is why you think the umask preference should be
> applied differently depending on the type of interface the user choose to
> initiate an interactive session with.

I don't.  Kindly stop putting words in my mouth, and re-read my original
mail.  If you can discuss this subject without indulging yourself in
straw-man attacks like this, please follow-up with a more reasonable

And, by the way:
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