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Possible mass bug filing: missing Icon= line in menu files


I've already tried to write this to debian-qt-kde, but there was no reply.

There are many packages that:
- do provide icons for programs they provide
- do provide files for /usr/lib/menu/
- but don't have Icon= lines in menu files.

This results in unwanted visual effects, such as when a KDE user drags an 
iten from Debian part of K menu item to the panel, panel doesn't get 
appropriate icon (although one is available). This is exactly what users 
of our network reported to me.

At least partial lintian/linda-level check is possible: problem exists if a 
package provides a .desktop file (under /usr/lshare/applications/) with 
Icon= line, and provides a menu file with no Icon= line.

So what's the correct action on the case?
File minor bugs against affected packages?
File wishlist bugs agains lintian/linda?
Doing nothing?
Something else?

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