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Re: TG3 firmware report...

Marco d'Itri wrote:

> On Oct 10, Nathanael Nerode <neroden@twcny.rr.com> wrote:
>> Until they do one of these two things, the firmware is not safe to
>> distribute.  I don't know why upstream is distributing it; I believe they
>> are simply being sloppy about licensing.
> You know well that upstream is not "being sloppy", but disagrees with
> your interpretation of licensing.

On the contrary.  The upstream maintainer stated that "nobody" from Broadcom
"complained", and apparently felt that that was sufficient, and that it was
unimportant to get a valid explicit license.  Or indeed to include
Broadcom's copyright statement at all, until I complained about its
absence.  That, to me, seems sloppy.

Copyright infrignment is strict liability, IIRC.  This is not safe to mess
around with.

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