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Re: TG3 firmware report...

On Sat, Oct 09, 2004 at 07:10:33PM -0400, Daniel Freedman wrote:
> Unfortunately, I believe that my server board contains one of the rare
> on-board Broadcom chipsets that is completely unable to function (best
> as I can tell), without downloading this firmware, or without at least
> disabling the download of it... In other words, it works perfectly
> with 2.4.26, but not at all with 2.6.8.  It's recognized fine, get's
> IP address fine, has kernel modules loaded etc., but simply drops
> packets off the stack...

> Anyway, just thought I'd see what people think of this, and how the
> Debian community wants to proceed.  Is there some way to enable
> compability with this without downloading the firmware and violating
> the DFSG?

Surely you can grab the firmware yourself, dump it into the appropriate
place in /lib/firmware (the boot message from the tg3 driver tells you)
and then it'll work on next boot?

This won't break the DFSG as far as I know, 'cause you're not
distributing the firmware and Broadcom presumably are happy for you to
download it yourself for use.

Unless of course the firmware itself is GPL'd, and therefore no one
can legally give it out without offering the source as well.

I'm not sure this is the right list for this topic, anyway...

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