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Re: kernel update takes out nvidia drivers

Carl B. Constantine wrote:

* Carl B. Constantine (duckwing@duckwing.ca) wrote:
I just did an update on my system. it updated my kernel to a newer
version of the same kernel. It also updated all the nvidia packages. But
X no longer works. Even though the nvidia packages are installed, the
drivers do not work, the kernel module doesn't load.

I think you are in the wrong mlist, the place to ask these kind of question is debian-<country>

having nvidia packages installed doesn't mean that the module is included in every new kernel, when you download a new kernel you have to compile them, they are not included cause they are not free software or even open source.

So I tried running the nvidia-installer program to "re-wrap" the
compiled nvidia binary to the new kernel (which should have been done by
the package maintainer IMHO) and it informs me I need the kernel source.
I installed the kernel source and the nvidia-install program STILL tells
me I need the kernel source or headers.

header files are ready for compiling kernel modules, there is an header package for every kernel image, kernel source must be prepeared for every kernel image.

Anyone have ideas on how to fix? I have no X at all now :-(

Nevermind, I installed the headers instead and that worked. However, why
it happened in the first place is puzzling to me. If I update all the
nvidia packages with the kernel image, why doesn't it just work? Why do
I need to re-run nvidia's installer program? It doesn't make sense to

Yes it make sense cause Debian developers doesn't want to include non free software in a kernel release, but Debian gives u the possibility to compile a module by yourself.

Guglielmo Dapavo

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