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Re: proposal: 'xterm' alternatives entry

#include <hallo.h>
* martin f krafft [Sun, Oct 10 2004, 06:43:09PM]:

> but then again, I consider 'xterm' to be somewhat of a generic name
> by now that I think it should be put under control of the
> alternatives system.
> The procedure would be to upload a new 'xterm' package which moves
> /usr/bin/xterm to /usr/bin/xterm.real and introduces /usr/bin/xterm

It is not that easy. xterm obviosly has a bunch of settings that are
used often but are not presented in many x-terminal-emulator providers.
AFAICS the only common options are -T, -n and -e ..., you cannot rely on
anything else. For example, I just looked at the list from apt-cache
show rdepends xterm - and the first candidate (ddd) used the -fn option
which is not provided by mlterm. Though luck. In theory, every
maintainer should look trough the package that wants to use xterm and if
there are no special options used anywhere, (s)he could replace xterm
with x-terminal-emulator everywhere. I did that in icewm, no trouble so

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