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Re: TG3 firmware report...

* Roland Stigge <stigge@antcom.de> [2004-10-10 15:46]:
> Daniel Freedman wrote:
> > Anyway, just thought I'd see what people think of this, and how the
> > Debian community wants to proceed.  Is there some way to enable
> > compability with this without downloading the firmware and violating
> > the DFSG?
> Since the tg3 driver doesn't work with my BCM5702 interface anyway
> (#240812), I'm using the bcm5700-source driver from non-free. I guess
> people running servers and using the advanced features of this driver
> are doing the same.
> Feel free to write a personal email to Broadcom asking for the source of
> their GPLed driver.

the source is included in the kernel sources :)
regards nico
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