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Re: Updating scanners and filters in Debian stable (3.1)

paddy <paddy@panici.net> writes:

> But, I can see the case, as I describe before, where achieving the function
> of a package places great pressure on the time to package, so much so that
> if an interim, first cut package can achieve this most effectively 
> (ie: quickest) by shipping upstream 'important fixes/features' mixed with
> 'other "new functionality", which is not actually necessary' then that can
> be a win too.  But I could agree: only with the proper follow-up.

No, no, no.

If nobody is around to devote that time to the package, then it should
not be released.  It is not ok to release it, and then say, "I don't
have the time to do it right!" and then do it wrong.


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