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Re: Updating scanners and filters in Debian stable (3.1)

Thomas, Jesus,

I feel I owe you both and the list an apology for my last post here.
It falls below the standard I would aspire to achieving in terms
of courtesy, and that I'm sure you both deserve.  

Additionally, I have not only completely missed the point, but 
done no more than interupt in your conversation.

Doubtless, I will now go on to add to the damage ;)

On Thu, Oct 07, 2004 at 11:41:49PM +0100, paddy wrote:
> Thomas,
> On Thu, Oct 07, 2004 at 02:58:05PM -0700, Thomas Bushnell BSG wrote:
> > paddy <paddy@panici.net> writes:
> > 
> > > On Thu, Oct 07, 2004 at 02:22:18PM -0700, Thomas Bushnell BSG wrote:
> > > > If you want something which is simply unrestricted, you have that
> > > > now, no need for any changes to anything.
> > > 
> > > I assume you mean use unstable? see below.
> > 
> > No, you can simply use private repositories, or backports, or whatever
> > else.  
> Yeah, sorry. I realised this after I'd hit send.
> > There need be no Debian-branding of it in any way.  
> IANADD.  As I said earlier, I'll doing the work either way.  
> If I thought I was alone, I wouldn't bother anyone with it.

As I re-read the thread Jesus, you do indeed seem to be advocating 
something that is hard to distinguish from backports but 'Debian-branded'.

My earlier unease about lumping 'out-dated' together with 
'needs-to-be-timely-to-function', is begining to crystalise.

I don't yet see what is so special about the problem of an outdated
mozilla in stable (for example), that it is _cannot_ best be addressed
through security.d.o, testing/sid and backports. (my own pet concerns,
are, of course, completely different ;)

The idea of a backports but with a more structured/formal policy
that enables it to become 'Debian-branded', which Thomas, you seem almost
to be suggesting, is an interesting one: perhaps it might solve a host of 
problems.  But it is way beyond me.  I can only imagine others have
already put far more into backports than I'm ever likely to.  Indeed, perhaps
I'm simply tilting at windmills and backports already has what I need.
I _will_ go and look.

If not, then perhaps volatile.d.n could really help to scratch that itch.



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