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Re: Updating scanners and filters in Debian stable (3.1)

On Wed, Oct 06, 2004 at 11:32:05PM +0200, Andreas Barth wrote:
> * Thomas Bushnell BSG (tb@becket.net) [041006 23:25]:
> > Unfortunately, most of what I have seen has been an attempt to have a
> > new place that involves no actual backporting and publicity work,
> > rather than volunteering to take that load on.
> Actually, I'm considering very much to pick the task up (and have also
> already volatile.d.n ;), but there are some issues that needs to be
> considered before doing a public announcement.


Great!  I see volatile.debian.net.  

But, It took me forever to find this email :)

Three questions:

  What issues?  Anything the list can help with?
  (excessively curious and eager mind wishes to know ;)

  Would it be good to indicate on the web-page where communication about 
  this is going on (inspired by my hunt-the-email saga)?

  How are packages added to the list of candidates?

On a related-but-unrelated note,

  I'm interested, for myself, in the possibility of automatically packaging 
  upstream releases.  I'm already under the impression that this is contrary 
  to the debian philosophy of hand-maintained packaging, so I suppose this 
  interest is purely personal.  Can anyone offer me any pointers?



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