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Re: ITP: cddb.bundle -- CDDB Bundle for GNUstep

Petri Latvala wrote:

[fixing attributions]

> On Thu, 2004-10-07 at 09:20, Jeff Teunissen wrote:
> > [Steve Greenland wrote:]
> > > On 06-Oct-04, 06:41 (CDT), Jeff Teunissen <deek@d2dc.net> wrote:
> > > > And developers writing with GNUstep recognize the same thing. The
> > > > difference is that we *have* to give enough information about an
> > > > app using only two pieces of information -- the name of the app
> > > > and its icon.
> > >
> > > "*Have*" to? Why?
> >
> > Because those are the only bits of meta-info available for programs on
> > an OpenStep-compliant system. OpenStep intentionally does not provide
> > for a program menu including additional metadata, instead using
> > certain well-known directories that you browse in a file manager.
> Executable names (or other file names) and Debian package names can
> differ. Or does an OpenStep-compliant system search the dpkg database?

We weren't talking about package names, we were talking about program names.
I don't have problems with the standard Debian naming scheme for packages
using GNUstep libs -- *.app, *.framework, *.bundle, etc. It's a bit silly
(why do users need to be protected from "unknowingly" installing GNUstep
libs?), but it doesn't bug me. What DOES bug me is mindlessly adding
"gnustep-" to the names of all packages that use it, because most of the
developers of those packages have dick to do with some mythical GNUstep
desktop, which itself does not exist.

In addition to Debian and QuakeForge, I'm involved in a project to create a
user environment that happens to use the GNUstep libraries. That project is
called Backbone, and most of what we have done so far is included in Debian
(the packages preferences.app, terminal.app, and textedit.app).

We're not GNUstep. One of us is also a member of the GNUstep project, but
that's not particularly relevant.

Why should packages that are part of the Backbone "desktop" (I use quotes
because putting a desktop on the root menu makes no sense from our
perspective), or packages that are simply useful (or not) programs that use
the GNUstep libraries, be advertised as being "GNUstep programs"? That's

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