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Re: Re: Re: ITP: cddb.bundle -- CDDB Bundle for GNUstep

On Thu, 2004-10-07 at 09:20, Jeff Teunissen wrote:
> > On 06-Oct-04, 06:41 (CDT), Jeff Teunissen <deek@d2dc.net> wrote: 
> > > And developers writing with GNUstep recognize the same thing. The
> > > difference is that we *have* to give enough information about an app
> > > using only two pieces of information -- the name of the app and its
> > > icon.
> > 
> > "*Have*" to? Why?
> Because those are the only bits of meta-info available for programs on an
> OpenStep-compliant system. OpenStep intentionally does not provide for a
> program menu including additional metadata, instead using certain well-known
> directories that you browse in a file manager.

Executable names (or other file names) and Debian package names can
differ. Or does an OpenStep-compliant system search the dpkg database?

Petri Latvala

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