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proposal: factoids bot on #debian-devel

On #debian-devel, we tend to answer the same questions over and
over again:

  - when will the freeze start? ("not today")
  - can someone help me with autoconf? ("-> #devtools")
  - i cannot get my sound working? ("-> #debian, #alsa")
  [ad infinitum...]

The /topic is used for the most important stuff, but its limited in
length, and not everybody reads it.

I would thus like to invite gort, my (supy)bot, to the forum and
enable its factoids module for use in the channel. I would lock the
database so that it does not get poisoned with crap (like dpkg in
#debian), but I would grant write access to whomever requests it.

The bot would fulfill no other purpose (!) than to answer requests

  < madduck> ~tell johndoe about freeze
  < gort> johndoe: we are not freezing today

If you think this is a good idea, then simply wait. If you are
absolutely against it, then please reply in private (reply-to set);
i shall summarise for the list.

If I don't hear big complaints, I shall invite gort on over in
a couple of days and we'll take it for a test drive.

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