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Re: loadlin in wnpp

Hello Frank,

* Frank Lichtenheld <djpig@debian.org> [2004-09-26 17:45]:
> On Sun, Sep 26, 2004 at 01:05:25PM +0200, Nico Golde wrote:
> > * Ben Pfaff <blp@cs.stanford.edu> [2004-09-26 12:30]:
> > > Nico Golde <nico@ngolde.de> writes:
> > > > everytime i get the wnpp packages as an email i see loadlin in it.
> > > > i dont understand why this is a wnpp because its a program running under
> > > > dos and not under linux.
> > > 
> > > Do you think that LILO and GRUB should not be in Debian then?
> > > Their most important code does not run under Linux either.
> > 
> > i am not quite shure but as far as i know nothing of the loadlin code
> > runs under linux.
> So what? It contains the documentation on how to use the program and
> the program itself, so that you can copy it to your DOS partition.
> The real question is, if someone is still using loadlin to boot
> Debian. If yes, it's a good reason to distribute the program and how
> should we do this instead? The pool is the best distribution method that
> we have ...
> So what's exactly your point? If nobody uses the program, nobody will
> adopt it and it will be removed from Debian, if someone is interested
> in keeping, it will stay in.

you are right, but my point is that the list of orphaned packages in
wnpp become more and more bigger so there are less people who have a
look on the wnpp list with every package which is new on this list. and
i think loadlin is one of the packages which can be removed faster.
and i dont think there are many people who will get this program out of
this pool. because they need to boot linux with loadlin before they can
get it.
regards nico
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