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UAE Online vending machine shop

H.M.G.T is U.A.E based Company spreading its wings across the Middle east area and G.C.C countries. H.M.G.T currently the sole agent and/or the distributor of a range of more than 25 fine food products, pet's food, and vending machines supplies, H.M.G.T is the exclusive distributor of AZKOYEN INDUSTRIAL S.A. vending machines and the sole agent of FRUCTOMAT vending machines one of the important manufacture and distributor at the European vending markets for years at G.C.C countries and the middle east area. As we have expanded, we have ensured that our values do not take a back seat. Customer satisfaction, for one, has always been an area of priority and we have not only won new customers but retained then too. Our service, for instance, has kept us ahead of the rest ? we are therefore quick, apt and efficient when it comes to customer needs. And we give them total value-for-money. Add to this, a committed and loyal workforce and one has powerful combination for success!!
We are planning on building a distribution network all over M.E. That is why we get confronted with different mentalities and cultures day by day.. So we are planning to grow confidently. Let us help you to grow confidently with us!!

for more information please visit our website at : http://www.marketgulf.com/products.html";

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online shop: http://www.marketgulf.net/catalog
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