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Re: RFD: use transient /var/run (tmpfs) or not?

On Tuesday 21 September 2004 17.28, Eric Dorland wrote:

> > Personally, I don't like that at all, as it slows down the boot process
> > unnecessarily, running checks that are unnecessary to run for 95% of
> > the installations.
> One day you'll want to run off a ramdisk (or a network, or a readonly
> medium) and those users.

Currently, running off a ramdisk or other non-nonvolatile medium) is 
uncommon.  When I run a general purpose operating system on an uncommon set 
up, I am prepared to go to some extra lengths.

Of course, some systems can make it harder, others can make it easier, and 
of course, it is always open to debate what constitutes an uncommon enough 
set up.

-- vbi

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