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Re: Frank Carmickle and Marco Paganini must die

Hello Sven, 

Am 2004-09-20 22:13:08, schrieb Sven Mueller:
> Michelle Konzack [u] wrote on 20/09/2004 15:38:

> >In August it was very silent, have only 2300 SPAMs gotten. Now we have
> >the 2004-09-20 and I have already 56.000 SPAMS. 
> >
> >Most (97%) coming directly to my address linux4michelle@freenet.de and
> >around 80% of the SPAM is coming from DUL/DSL
> SO? Do you have any idea how many non-spam mails you have blocked?

It is realy easy. 

If the Mail is coming in, it is filtered by spamassassin und all 
messages which are marked as SPAM are filtered in a weekly SPAM-Box. 

All other messages which has passed the tests are checked for NEW 
E-Mail-Addresses and added to a Whitelist. 

Now a independant programm check the messages in the SPAM-Box against 
the Whitelist and if there are some FP, the message goes into the 
sa-ham folder where I check them manualy and use "sa-learn --ham" 
to reverse things.

I get only 3-6 FP per day against 2800 SPAMs

> >Please note, that I have only an ADSL 1024/128kBit and my Fileserver
> >(Duron 1600) with fetchmail, procmail and courier-imap must handel it.
> Hmm. I have no idea how you reached that amount of spam. 56000 Spams in 
> 20 days is 2800 spams a day. Hell, I get only one fourth of that at best 
> (hmm, worst), and that is with 20 open-to-any-poster mailinglists which 
> consist mostly of spam these days.

There are some idiots which has used my E-mail to post into some 
100 newsgroups... and I do not like to change my E-Mail-Address
Which I use since many years

> cu,
> sven


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